Andrew (Andy) L. Kaehr, CPA
Certified Public Accountant

HRC Hire Date: September 4, 2013   

Andy was raised on a family farm.  Before coming to HRC, Andy worked as a tax staff accountant and a cost analyst and accounts payable specialist.  He now resides in Wells County with his wife, Hannah.

HRC Specialties/Responsibilities:  Corporate & Individual Tax Services, Property Tax

Education:  Bachelors in Accounting from IPFW

mmunity Involvement/Organizations:  Apostolic Christian Church, Rebuilding Haiti, Indiana CPA Society, and AICPA

Personal Quote or Saying:  "We are never defeated unless we give up on God"  - Ronald Reagan

Personal Interests:  Fishing, biking, camping, and enjoying time with friends and family

What is the favorite part of your job?":  I like the atmosphere and people I work with as well as the satisfaction of being able to assist those in the community.