Are you spending more time with your accounting software than managing your business?

Do you or your team need training in QuickBooks®? Have the program, but aren't using it to its' capabilities in your business?

We have Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® on our team ready and able to assist you with QuickBooks.  We are not only Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, but we also have the knowledge and expertise in the general accounting practices to show you how to integrate your business needs and take full advantage of the program.

Let one of our Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors help you understand and utilize QuickBooks® to meet your business needs.
We are experts in helping small businesses learn, use, and customize QuickBooks®. 



Whether large or small, businesses are different.  QuickBooks provides many opportunities for business owners to customize the way data is recorded and viewed.  Customizing QuickBooks can make your business look more professional and also help save you time with day-to-day tasks.  Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors can help customize QuickBooks to your specific business needs.  We can get you going while you focus on what you do best.



There are several QuickBooks/Intuit software products and services available and the choices can be overwhelming and costly if you make the wrong ones.  Our ProAdvisors can help determine which software is a good fit for your business.  We can also help with installing the latest version of QuickBooks, converting your data and even upgrading to a multi-user version so multiple people can access your QuickBooks at the same time. Our broad QuickBooks experience enables us to analyze your QuickBooks needs and provide accurate and expert advice and assistance.

Payroll Support


We are here to help you set up and create payroll in QuickBooks.  We can help you set up new employees, create new payroll items, determine which payroll taxes to withhold, when to pay your taxes, assist with creating useful payroll reports and much more.  Contact one of our payroll professionals today.



We focus on helping our clients feel confident using QuickBooks and understanding how the software works.  We offer basic training for individuals who have never before used QuickBooks and advanced training for those who want to utilize more of the tools available in QuickBooks.  Through our training we try to help our clients recognize mistakes in QuickBooks and learn how to fix them.

Meet our QuickBooks Team and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors


Karla Lipscomb, CPA
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 24

Mark Klopfenstein, CPA
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 24
Brad Johnson, CPA
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 24
Tiffany N. Bendes, CPA
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 24
Kathy Bryant
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 24
Joan Reinhard
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 24
Deb Shady
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 20
Aimee Paxson
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 2
Leah Uptgraft
Years of QuickBooks Experience: 2