Rosemary (Rosie) J. Johnson
Administrative Assistant

HRC Hire Date: December 1, 1997

Rosie grew up on a dairy farm in Adams County. After working ten years in the Accounting Department at Kitco, she left the work force to be home with her family.  Rosie and her husband, Phil, live in Bluffton. They have two daughters.  Angela Montgomery is an Occupational Therapist for Lutheran Home Care and Tricia Van Sickle (married to Corey Van Sickle) is a missionary intern in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

HRC Specialties/Responsibilities: Transcribing dictation, completion of corporate tax forms and financial statements, miscellaneous typing, and other support duties

Education: Associate of Science in Accounting from Indiana University, 1978

Community Involvement/Organizations: Hope Missionary Church

Personal Quote or Saying: " Life is 5% circumstances and 95% attitude."

Personal Interests: Hiking, reading, genealogy, scrapbooking, and spending time with my family

"What is the favorite part of your job?": I enjoy working with people who sincerely care about each other and the clients we serve.